What’s SONY mirrorless like ?

There’s a saying - “If I had a pound for every time someone has asked me this, I’d be rich!” Well, I might have enough pounds for a low end lens anyway. When I mention to people I shoot with the SONY alpha mirrorless system I mostly get hit with all the same questions and comments. Hopefully I will try and answers some of them in this blog post. 

“Isn’t the battery life suppose to be rubbish ? - My Canikon lasts all day!”

Well, yes the battery life on the 1st Gen A7 bodies isn’t the greatest, however it still lasts me 1/2 a day at least anyway, shooting with 2 bodies. The batteries are so small for the A7 / A6300 that carrying extras really isn’t an issue. All that is required is to find a quiet time for 10 seconds or so to switch over the batteries. On the newer A7Riii and A9 bodies the batteries have been expanded and improved greatly and can now last nearly as long as a traditional DSLR.

“I have loads of Canikon glass and can’t afford to switch all my gear just yet”

Why not just buy a body only and an adapter for your current glass. The metabones adapters now function nearly as good with non Sony glass as native Sony lenses with full AF available on the newer bodies. You can the firstly decide if you like the SONY alpha mirrorless system and secondly upgrade your lenses over time for the SONY alpha mirrorless FE mount. 

“I don’t want to use a “stupid” EVF

Firstly the EVF in the SONY alpha cameras is excellent, with some great features including my favourite focus peaking allowing fast and accurate manual focusing along with the ability to see the actual final shot whilst shooting, I don’t think I can go back to a stone-age OVF now! Admittedly the EVF is probably the most difficult this to adapt to when switching over from a traditional DSLR and its OVF in particular with fast action sports shooting. I have been shooting with and EVF for the past 4 or 5 years, the only thing to adapt to slightly is panning cars, this takes a little to “dial in” to due to the nature of the EVF. My a6300 has a 100hz refresh mode on the EVF which helps a lot of fast moving sports shots. The EVF on the A9 has also been improved greatly over the original A7 models and its something that is continuously improving. 

SONY have no long glass!” 

This year SONY will be releasing the first telephoto prime lens in FE mount the 400mm F2.8, yes, this will no doubt be an expensive lens but for the PRO shooters that require this sort of lens it will no doubt be a good string in SONY’s bow to lure over shooters from other systems. There is also the 100-400 4.5-5.6 GM lens for the same focal length for those on a more sensible budget. 

As well as the above comments, I also receive lots of positive comments such as - “They look so small and light” - “Must be great not having to carry around lots of heavy DSLR kit” (yes, it is!) There are many many positives of using the SONY alpha mirrorless system more than I could possibly write about in 1 blog post!

One thing I have yet to mention is the far superior AF and tracking abilities of the SONY mirrorless cameras, this really has to be tried out 1st hand. My a6300 had no problem tracking a single motorcycle out of a pack of bikes heading towards be across the frame at Goodwood last year. It was very impressive! Also to add the mk1 A7 is an excellent entry camera into FF and mirrorless photography at only £700 body only it is a bargain! Even the A7 Mkii is now only £900 body only with its in body IS. Team either of these up with a small prime lens 35mm or 50mm you will have a great walkabout full frame setup for around £1k! 

Anyway, hope that answers a few questions at least! 

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