Photography - Composition Techniques - Creating Depth

One of the easiest methods to improve the dynamic and visual quality of your photos is to create “depth” to the shot. This essentially means creating layers to the image, with defocussed areas in the foreground, middle ground or background.

I feel this is a great and easy technique to make photos more visually appealing. This can be done simply by standing partially behind a tree and “peek” out towards your main image subject. The same can be done with walls, other cars or general scene furniture. 

You might say “ah, but I don’t have a fast prime for defocussed areas” yes, a fast prime will help however the same effect can still be achieved by slower kit lenses, you may just need to use a longer focal length to achieve a similar outcome. 

This method also can be used to create “negative space” within and image. The shot below is an example of how I have used the above points to create different depth levels within a scene. 

The viewer’s eye is drawn in through the 2nd car in the foreground, through to the tyre trolleys in the mid ground until the subject in the background framed within the different layers of depth in the scene. 

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