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  1. Favourite Shots 2017 - #3

    30 Nov 2017
    This post will be more talking about a sequence of shots rather than 1 in particular and the story and process behind them.  The location was Goodwood FOS on a hot summer’s day, the Sunday to be precise. On Sunday the main story was the return of Polish F1 star…

  2. My Workflow

    14 Nov 2017
    I like to keep my workflow as streamlined as possible, outlined below are the steps I take after a normal days shooting Step 1 - Get Everything Ready This may seem obvious, but I get everything loaded up. I have recently migrated to CaptureOne 10 PRO for Sony (maybe more…

  3. 3 Composition points for Automotive Photography

    13 Nov 2017
    Just a quick post to highlight some thoughts about composition of shots in motorsport and automotive photography and something to think about when framing your subject in the camera viewfinder Lets start with Number 1! #1 - No need to fill the frame with the car - This one is…

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