Favourite Shots 2017 - #4

The Masters Historic Meeting back in the Spring was a great event, the sun was out all weekend and I set out to capture some unique shots of the Masters F1 cars on the historic GP loop.

This being my 1st time trackside at Brands Hatch, I wasn’t sure about potential photo opportunities. After shooting some frames from lower on the hill with the cars on the crest exiting Westfield I carried on further down to see what I could find.

Reaching the very distinct trough in the topography at Dingle Dell, I thought an ultra wide pan of the cars through here would make for a cool shot, with the gradients each side of the shot framing the car dead centre. The sky also played a part, with no direct sun in shot but with a blue sky and clouds, which look great once you pan the shot. I armed my SONY A7 with the completely manual Samyang 14mm 2.8 lens. The cars were going flat out through this section so this made the shot all the more challenging to frame and the timing of firing the shutter was crucial. After several unsuccessful shots, I managed to get the Lotus 77 dead centre frame and getting the shot I was after of at least one car.

This shot is also a good example also of when I talk about symmetry, if the car wasn’t dead centre in the frame, the shot simply wouldn’t have worked out, perseverance and keeping trying to perfect the shot! 

EXIF - 1/40 / F22 / 14mm / ISO 100 - Manual Mode  

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