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  1. Photography - Composition Techniques - Creating Depth

    21 Jun 2018
    One of the easiest methods to improve the dynamic and visual quality of your photos is to create “depth” to the shot This essentially means creating layers to the image, with defocussed areas in the foreground, middle ground or background. I feel this is a great and easy technique to…

  2. What’s SONY mirrorless like ?

    10 Jan 2018
    There’s a saying - “If I had a pound for every time someone has asked me this, I’d be rich!” Well, I might have enough pounds for a low end lens anyway. When I mention to people I shoot with the SONY alpha mirrorless system I mostly get hit with…

  3. Favourite Shots 2017 - #4

    09 Jan 2018
    The Masters Historic Meeting back in the Spring was a great event, the sun was out all weekend and I set out to capture some unique shots of the Masters F1 cars on the historic GP loop This being my 1st time trackside at Brands Hatch, I wasn’t sure about…

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